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Small removals and Delivery

When we talk about residential moving  we are referring to the transfer of your goods and belongings from one place to another, be it a house, apartment, mobile Home or any otherplace where I can live.

We classify as special moves those thatare considered asunique regarding the movement of certain types of furniture which require greater rigor for its movement according to its weight, size or condition or also in case it is requiredspecialization additional in its disassembly and assembly. If you are going to move extremely heavy furniture up stairs it is considered a special move 

We have 3 hour specials equivalent to $300Dollars for your service moving or deliveries,basically they are jobs thatAccording to the belongings to be moved, small moves that could be 1 or 2 bedroom apartments but not all of them fit into thisqualification well you have to see thefloor where you are and the floor where you are going and the distance to travel from one place to the other. 

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