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Moving Service​

Moving Truck in Kissimmee from Noel's Delivery
General Removals

  • Noel's Delivery Moving Company will provide you with the best cost for your move. We offer a variety of services so that our clients feel satisfied with their move, we have excellent reviews in ourgoogle my business 5 stars.

  • Noel's  Delivery is specialized primarily in short and medium distance moves within the state of Florida       

Handling and Transfer

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Packing forms

  • Boxes play a fundamental role in your move, so some advice wouldn't hurt.

  • The boxes for transportation should not be overloaded as it will be more difficult to move them.

  • Personalizing each box helps you a lot in the unpacking process

  • High-care items (dishes, vases, small glass paintings, etc.) must be protected with padding material such as paper, newspapers, plastic, among others. 

General Tips

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Planning to carry out a fruitful move
  • Calculate all the packaging materials you will need, including cardboard boxes, blankets, filling material, corrugated cardboard, among others.

  • Wardrobes, dressers, etc. must be empty for better transportation.

  • Pack your belongings in boxes in the most appropriate way (Boxes are very effective in reducing the delay time in your move)

  • Get rid of all items or objects that you will not need in your new home

  • Don't forget to get stuffing materials such as: paper, newspaper, bubble wrap, etc. This prevents fragile objects from colliding with each other.

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